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Okay, so I have been doing nothing but favorite-ing things on this account since I've opened it, like a perverted weirdo; so I'm gonna put something up so I at least don't look like a total blank weirdo... so yeah, I speak.

Anyway, I'm just a college student working on a B.F.A. in photography with a minor focus in printmaking. I have a totally separate page here on dA for my fine arts and general art work, and I'm currently often found in my schools photo and printmaking studios... but this isn't what this page is for.

What this page is for, is just a secret kicks-and-giggles kinda thing. I mainly made this account to indulge in my strange likings, surf dA for such things, and hopefully post some of my kooky personal art and thoughts here that I don't want in my main page. I have no intentions (at the moment) to cross any art between my pages here on dA, so you are free to think of me from this page as just a creepy perv. furry dude XD. But yeah, I'm here to have fun and poke around with a few of the many oddities that is the internet... that is, at least offered through dA.

This is just a side thing, so new favorites will be the most frequently updated thing on this page; THOUGH, I do want to add my own art, thoughts, and what not to this page; I don't want it to be purely just a watching and favorites page... more like a furry and other eccentric ideas outlet page for myself.

And to let ya know, since this is just a side thing, I wont be really active on it. I'll peep in every so often and surf with this account, but I don't think I will be too progressive on this page. Though, I do want to be at least some what active on it, so whenever I find free time that I can put into this account, I will try and flesh out this page of mine, like fill it with an avatar, info, art, and the sorts.

Oh, and I LOVE giving critiques; being that I'm an art student, I have to critique things in class all the time, and I critique work for fun as well on my own time. That being said, if you want a solid critique on your art that you want an opinion on, then feel free to ask me for a critique. If you feel a bit shy to ask for a critique because your work might be eccentric in any way, I will certainly try my best to open up to any ones work and give a structural critique when I have such time, and I promise I will try and be as unbiased as I can. I emphasize the the "structural critique" part so that you know that what I mean by critique is to pick ones art apart to talk about the good and the bad about such work, what can be improved, and it excels at, and poking into the concepts of the work, and just over all stating structural ideas and looking at parts of whatever work I may critique, not just a "i like it for reason A", or "I hate it for reason B". I critique to give a second pair of eyes to ones piece, and hopefully give an mind opening view on work that is beneficial for the artist; not just an opinion slamming (good or bad) gig that states obvious things and doesn't help for further insight.

I also want to say that it doesn't have to be an "official" critique service that dA likes to make an option here for premium accounts; I think that newer critique tool that dA offers is nifty, but I also know that not everyone wants, or can afford a premium account. Just shoot me a note or message asking for a critique and I'll just give ya one in your comments; or if you have a premium account, I'll just use that nifty little dA critique option. Oh, and I may just do a few here and there randomly to tease my fancy, in which that case, I will ask such artist if they would mind getting a critique, because, ya know.. ya can't just go around pulling peoples art apart, not everyone wants, or needs a cirtique.

Not much else I can think of to say in this journal, I mean, there isn't much up on my account either, so I don't have much to work off of. But to those few so far how have visted, or are visitng my page; you are open to viewing my  funky taste in favorites. Whether you love, hate, or have any other thoughts about what I put in that collection of favorites, is up to you.

Stay fresh my peeps.


United States


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